Lose 27 Pounds by eating MORE, NOT LESS!

The Best Book with the Best Title: “Lose 27 Pounds by eating MORE, NOT LESS!
Here is the introduction if you want to know more about it and if this title intrigues you.
“Although I’m presenting here about losing weight by eating more, inspired by Jamie Oliver, the greatest chef in the world (you can see him at TV Paprika), I’m also giving you 3 additional FREE BOOKS! Yay! This is a BONUS to thank you for subscribing! Let’s begin our friendship! 🙂
The list of ebooks :
– Lose 27 Pounds by eating MORE, NOT LESS!
– Low-carb Dieting Secrets
– Detox Diet Basics
– Exercise Without Effort
This is the ultimate lose weight method!

Now, let’s introduce you to the best book that has ever been created in this domain, losing weight. Okay. Keep reading.

            What does it mean to lose weight? Do you think it’s just about the pounds? Well, no. I don’t think you know this, but what you’re doing when you try to lose weight is in fact healing. Yes, healing your body. You not only lose weight, but you’re healing your organs, those that were affected in the process of unhealthy eating.

            So, I advise you that from now on when you see these two words, “lose weight”, to understand that they mean “to heal” and nothing else.

            Good. I’m glad that now we have the same thinking. You will understand me better now
            Hi. I’m Alexandra. Nice to meet you. Now, let’s tell you the secret to losing 27 pounds in a matter of weeks by overindulging if we can say that.

            Stay calm. Don’t panic. Again, I say this is NOT ABOUT FASTING, although I do have a book about it. It works, but here we’re talking about eating a lot.”

With this 3 steps method (inspired by what Jamie Oliver has tried in terms of losing weight) you can treat the next health issues:
– Allergies
– Pimples
– Skin problems
– Liver deficiencies
– Pancreatic Insufficiency
– Stomach deficiencies
– Heart diseases
– Also, for depression: by reducing the toxins ruling your body.

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