Is VitaJuwel Bottle something worth spending your money on? Does VitaJuwel water actually taste different or have the health benefits it claims?

These were the questions I had in my mind when I first saw an ad about this miraculous crystal infused water bottle from Vitajuwel. But I didn’t care to go search for answers.

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You’ve probably seen an image like this – Vitajuwel Review

To be honest, I forgot about it, but then I was super surprised when I noticed one of these beautiful VitaJuwel bottles on one of my friend’s desk. The bottle looks even more beautiful in reality! It’s like some sort of a magical object and I wanted to have a sip, but my friend’s slight frown made me step back. The bottle was precious to her.

So I immediately asked my friend all the questions I had about it: does it work? Does the water taste any different?

She told me she’d bought it two months ago, and believe it or not, she did lose a few pounds, and she felt much better. I’ve used Epsom salt and crystals in my bathtub, and so I definitely had to try this.

In a nutshell – Vitajuwel Review

To summarize everything I’m going to tell you in this review, if you’re a person who either:
– believes in astrology or Feng Shui and the like
– uses crystals for bathing
– wears gems
this product is definitely for you!

But if you’re a skeptic, a person who doubts even the existence of God, then Vitajuwel is not for you. I recommend you take a look at this instead.

Now, back to Vitajuwel Review – Questions and Answers

Here are the answers to all your questions – which I myself had before I bought my precious one:

1. What’s the proof that the crystals change the water properties?

Well, the proof stems from Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments. I first heard about him and his experiments with water that showed how words and intentions can change the structure of water.

Basically, the experiment with water goes like this: first, different samples of water were exposed to different words/prayers and then frozen. That’s how he discovered that the water structures differed greatly.

Here’s a YouTube video that explains everything I said here:

Dr Masaru was a Japanese researcher and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water ” – Vitajuwel Review

Similarly, if you search the internet, you will find plenty videos with people who tried the experiment at home with water and rice. Here’s just an example to show you how words and intentions influence the water:

Words and thoughts influence water – Vitajuwel Review

Now, you might be wondering how’s this related to the crystal infused water. Well, after making such a beautiful discovery, who would stop just at words and thoughts?

Masaru went ahead and tried many other things to see what else has the power to change water in a positive way.

It didn’t take long to try infusing crystals like quartz and amethyst and discover that these crystals not only are they famous for their beneficial influence on their owners, but they can make water more alkaline and bring it to a spring-water quality level.

Water is very maleable and set around the right influencers, it can become a fluid that brings many benefits to the human body.

Dr. Emoto‘s laboratory verified that water treated with VitaJuwel gem regains its original, natural energy and thus is comparable to fresh spring water.

On the original VitaJuwel provider’s page, you will find that German scientists have proven that water becomes more alkaline and the oxygen content increases with VitaJuwel gem. The tests showed: „With VitaJuwel, drinking water reaches a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water.“

The crystals have a regenerative effect on the water.

2. Do the gems inside actually get in contact with the water? From the pictures, it seems that the gems are enclosed in a glass container.

It might sound hard to believe at first, but you don’t need to dissolve crystals into water to make it better.

If you’ve ever worn a crystal like amethyst or moonstone, you know that it’s not its contact with your skin that activates its properties. It’s the energy they emit that make them beneficial.

The same principle applies in Vitajuwel bottle’s case.

The positive energy of the gems improve the water’s quality just like music can improve our mood or make plants grow harmoniously, just like binaural beats treat depression or make you fall asleep when you can’t seem to be able to relax.

3. What’s the taste of the Vitajuwel water? If it improves the quality of the water, I expect to notice a difference.

The short answer is yes, it does taste a bit different. In my case, it has a sort of freshness taste, the texture is smoother than regular water.

4. But aren’t there other companies that produce similar products?

I saw that some people bought some questionable replicas, but they only have one big crystal thrown inside a glass vial and is not encased in a glass container, so in time, the crystal might break a bit and you might swallow pieces of crystal as well, which I personally wouldn’t try! Safety first.

Also Vitajuwel is not just a piece of crystal. Vitajuwel bottles contain a wonderful blend of three types of crystal: Amethyst, Quartz, and Rose Quartz, so you can expect better results from a blend like this than from a random crystal.

4. Do you need to clean the VitaJuwel Bottle?

I don’t need to clean it often. I wait until there are annoying lime scales inside, and then I simply fill it with water and pour some vinegar inside. In just a couple of hours, the lime disolves and then I simply rinse the bottle. I don’t know how it sounds to you, but for me this is super simple and easy.

Note! If you buy a Vitajuwel bottle, remember to read the mainetnance instructions as well.

5. How long can I use the same bottle?

Frankly, I think forever. The crystals don’t lose power over time. Sometimes I put my bottle to stay under the morning’s gentle sun rays because I hear that that enhances the power of the gems, but otherwise I never heard anyone say that you need to change your bottle — except if you break it :).

That’s a plus because you only need to invest in this kind of product only once.

6. It looks beautiful but it’s glass. Isn’t it heavy?

I don’t think you can carry this around with you everywhere. I leave it on my desk and for my own convenience, when I’m about to go out, I pour the gemwater in a normal plastic bottle. The water seems to retain its properties for a few hours after.

7. Will it help me lose weight?

I don’t have weight issues anymore thanks to my diet and daily fitness routine, but what I can say is that this bottle makes drinking water a pleasure and by drinking more water daily, you certainly can lose some pounds naturally. My friend confirmed that she lost some pounds thanks to this bottle. So, yeah, it doesn’t hurt to try.

8. What’s the price?

The price for such bottles varies from $100 to $300 (I assume you’re looking for a high quality VitaJuwel bottle, not some cheap replica). Read on if you want a nice discount.

Caution – VitaJuwel Review

If you want the original type of VitaJuwel bottle, this is the place to order. You might stumble upon other websites and providers who offer some ridiculously low prices, but I’m pretty sure the quality is not the same. My friend showed me where she got hers, and thanks to her, I got a nice 50% discount.

If you want the original VitaJuwel Bottle and also get 50% discount, go here.

Vitajuwel Bottle
Vitajuwel Bottle Review

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