Social distancing and the quarantine are taking a toll on everybody, even on the least sociable persons. Here are N funny quarantine signs that will keep boredom at bay:

1. The Struggle Is Real During The Quarantine

2. People Using The Quarantine As An Excuse To Avoid Unwanted Guests

3. Quarantine is going well in my neighborhood

4. Funny Lockdown Picture Drawn By A Call Center Worker

Quoting Redditer: I work in a call center. Sometimes I to draw what my particularly rude callers look like; but sometimes I like to draw the kind ones. Here’s Bonnie from today, who just wanted someone to talk to.

5. The Rules In The House Change During The Lockdown

The source of this funny quarantine sign

6. April Comes With Even Better Jokes

7. Eyebrows May Help

8. Having Trouble With Social Distancing During The Pandemic? See this funny explanatory sign

9. Seeing Other People Offering You Attention Is A Bliss

10. If You’re In Australia, Social Distancing Might Be Easier To Understand

Funny Quarantine Signs That Will Help You Keep Boredom At Bay. Creative funny quarantine signs that are viral on Reddit
The source of this funny sign

I hope you enjoyed these funny signs and pictures about the quarantine and about social distancing. Feel free to share this post with your friends because, after all, we all need a bit of humor in our lives, especially now, during this unexpectedly long pandemic.

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