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Nice website with cool information! I present here a part of her article “5 Healthy Morning Routines to Kickstart Your Day“. Scroll down to read it. It’s really interesting!

How you start your morning sets the tone for the day. With that in mind, you can see how your morning routines can help you or hurt you when it comes to your health goals – whether that’s feeling energized and focused, managing blood sugar levels, keeping fit, preventing heart disease or controlling your weight.” — Thuy-Linh

Start your morning before you even go to bed.
Sometime in the early evening, check your schedule so nothing surprises you first thing tomorrow. Get organized by picking out your clothes, packing lunch, gathering any papers or books you may need, and grabbing a piece of fruit for a snack and some Pyure Organic Stevia packets to sweeten your mid-day work beverages.” — Thuy-Linh

Wake up gently.
Skip the jarring, blaring alarm clock, and wake up to something you enjoy. I open my eyes to a simulated sunrise and soothing bird chirping sounds. It’s made a difference in how I feel each morning. And try to find an extra few minutes before jumping out of bed to think about the good that lies ahead in your day. Start your day with positive feelings whenever you can.” — Thuy-Linh

Do coffee right.
Or tea. Sipping on a warm caffeinated beverage can be a nice way to ease into your day. And both coffee and tea are associated with less risk of Type 2 diabetes and likely have heart health benefits, too.” — Thuy-Linh

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Now, I continue with my tips on finding balance in life. Scroll down to find out more.

We all feel a little off-balance at times. Maybe we’re having difficulty sleeping or we’re stressed or getting emotionally sensitive and finding there is drama in some or all of our relationships.

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Often during these times, our life is focused too much on one or more areas. Dividing our attention between different activities and finding routines helps us to restore balance.

Here are some tips that may help you restore a feeling of balance:

1. Limit your online time (emails, forums, instant messaging) to two hours a day.

2. Leave the house every day in the morning, even if you don’t need to be somewhere. You can go to a coffee shop and read the paper, visit a library or a museum, or go for a long walk or bicycle ride.

3. Keep regular sleeping hours. If you are having difficulty sleeping, at least assign certain hours for sleeping, resting, reading, or quiet television (if that makes you drowsy).

4. Save the last hour of the day for quiet and reading books or television—no phone, no computer, no work.

5. Step away from people who are pulling you off balance with drama or their own negativity. Usually, you only need to do this until you feel balanced again.

6. Occupy your thoughts and time mostly with positive ideas and activities.

7. Have an assortment of healthy friends in different niches of life. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” or all your social time into one friend or one group of friends. This way when there are problems, and they’re almost always occasionally even in good relationships, you will be able to have some enjoyable time or get emotional support from other friends.

8. If you have been watching a lot of television, limit your television to no more than 3 hours a day, at least for a week.

9. Balance the time in your day between different activities and efforts, even at work or college. Too much of one type of activity can make you feel more stressed or dissatisfied. Keep pace with your deadlines so that you won’t have to do marathon sessions to catch up.

10. Don’t work on personal healing or self-improvement too much. It gets too intense and ultimately does not help.

11. LIGHTEN UP! Don’t take things too seriously… practice laughter and ESPECIALLY laughing at yourself!

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