True desires are those things you have your heart set on. It can be what you want to be, having, or do most. You might think that finding your true desires is an easy affair, but trust me, it could be a complicated thing.

This dilemma affects most people across different age groups.

The following tips will make it easier and faster for you to find your true desires. Besides, they will keep you motivated towards fulfilling them.

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1) Jealousy says it all!

Though jealousy is sometimes viewed as a petty and negative emotion, it can show you what you want if properly embraced. For instance, if you don’t find yourself being jealous of an engineer or a sportsman, then you have zero desire to join them. That is not your desire.

But if you always get jealous whenever you hear that a prolific writer has bagged awards that are what you want. It’s on your life list. Jealousy is a powerful indicator of desire and therefore you should use it to point you towards what you desire.

2) Learn to listen to your heart

Whenever your heart says no to something, you will experience certain emotions. For instance, you will feel anxious, drained, tired, sick, addicted, panic attacks, and moody.

On the contrary, when the heart says yes, you tend to feel more relaxed, empathetic, inspired, motivated, and excited. You will experience a magnetic pull towards something. That is where your desire is.

3) Shadowing your friends

Who do you choose to surround yourself with and why? How do you feel when you hear about their achievements and desires? If you hear about a friend who decides to pursue a creative passion and you notice that a part of you feels carried along for their journey, like a willing participant. That’s where your true desire is.

The people you associate yourself with are a clear indication of what your true desires are.

4) Meditation

Sitting in silence, breathing in the present moment to bring tranquility to the anxious overactive mind enables you to hear your true inner voice.

5) Examine the uncomfortable

What feels uncomfortable in your life? Persistent discomfort is a clear indication that something is not right -it’s a sign that points you exactly towards what could work well.

6) Ask yourself: what would you do if you didn’t need money?

Concerns about money is the single most driver away from your true desire. The fact is that if you follow your heart, prosperity follows.

7) Resist the self-doubt

Most people have that one or two things they really like, but they don’t feel good enough or qualified to pursue them. Trust me; everyone knows more than they think they know about what they love.

So there you have it. Use these tips to drill down to the core and discover your true desire. Start now and you will be able to live an authentic life!

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